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Course Description

Required                                ½ credit per semester

Grade  9 & 10

Semester 1- This course deals with the events in the history of our country in chronological sequence.  The course follows the development of our country along social, economical, and political lines.  This course is designed to improve the students reading and writing ability and give them greater appreciation of our past and will make them better informed citizens.  American Studies A includes the colonial period, Early American Republic, Civil War and Reconstruction, Immigration Period, Western Expansion and the Progressive Era. 


Semester 2 continues that of semester 1 including World War I, Between the Wars, World War II, 1960’s & Vietnam War and toward the year 2000.

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Read Ch. 14 Sec. 1 
Ch. 14 Sec. 1 Discussion Questions 
Goal: Students will be able to explain how the desire for new markets and the need for resources were motivating factors for American Imperialism. 


The Men Who Built America 
No 7th hour - Advisory 


Discuss Ch. 14 Sec. 1
Ch. 14 Sec. 1 Questions #1-6 (pg. 339)
Ch. 14 Sec. 1 Worksheet 
Ch. 14 Sec. 1 Quiz