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* All members are required to scan their fob at the door. Guests must pre-register with the fitness center office. There is a limit of 2 visits per guest, per year.

* If you have any medical condition inhibiting exercise, you are responsible to take all necessary precautions and assume any and all risks. No exercise program should be undertaken without the advice of your physician.
* If you should incur an injury while at the fitness center you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to seek appropriate care.

* All children under grade 9 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over the age of 18.

* The Alden-Conger School District will not be held liable for the loss by theft or damage to personal property.

* Your access fob will be used to record your visits to the fitness center for submittal to the various insurance companies participating in the fitness discount program.
* If you need to replace your fob, there will be a $20.00 charge. It is imperative that you notify us immediately if your fob is lost or stolen. You may be held accountable for any damage that occurs through the use of your lost or stolen fob.
* A person that allows others to use their fob may have their membership immediately cancelled with no refund of membership fees.
* If you decide to stop your membership, please return your fob.

* Children 6th grade or younger are not allowed in the lower level strength room.
* Children 6th grade or younger are not allowed to use the cardio equipment on the second floor.
* A child in the 7th and 8th grade may use the equipment under the direct supervision of an adult.
* Students from 9th to 12th grades may be issued a fob either by student membership or as part of a family membership.

* Shirt and clean gym shoes are to be worn at all times while working out. Clothing with belts, buckles, snaps, etc., should not be worn as they can damage equipment. The wearing of clothing containing offensive words, graphics, or references to alcohol or tobacco products is not allowed.

* Please show consideration for the next person by wiping off the machine with the disinfectant towels provided.

* You are responsible to use the equipment as intended. Misuse may result in damage, which you may be responsible for the cost to repair.
* Profane language is not allowed.
* Malfunctioning equipment should be reported to the fitness center office. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.
* Plate loaded free weights can only be used with a spotter.

* A member may terminate their membership at any time by giving a request to the fitness center office. Requests must be in by the final day of the month to avoid being charged for the next month or year. There will be no pro-rated refunds.


Penalty for breaking these and other posted rules may be loss of membership. Refunds will not be issued.