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  1. Starting at approximately 5:45 pm, families/graduates should arrive at the front of the school by the Main Entrance to pick-up the following items (if they pertain to each graduate):
    a. Graduation card boxes
    b. High Honor & Honor Medals
    c. Graduation Ceremony programs
    d. Graduation banner (the one hung in the front windows of the school)
    e. Masks to be worn while receiving your diploma
  2. Families should proceed to Euclid Street to begin lining-up at 6:00 pm (see map)
    a. Nobody is allowed to park on Euclid Street prior to 6:00 pm
  3. Line-up for the ceremony is a first-come-first-serve basis (advisors will be present to assist)
    a. The first 18 families will line-up next to the curb on the playground/tennis court side
    b. The second 17 families will line-up next to the curb on the school sidewalk side
    c. Cones will be placed in the road for families to know how far up to go (first group of cones)
  4. At 6:45 pm Mrs. Wallin will announce/recognize seniors:
    a. Scholarships
    b. High Honor & Honor Students
    c. Well-Rounded Graduates
  5. At 6:55 pm Pomp & Circumstance will begin playing over the radio. Advisors will direct families to move vehicles ahead to the next stopping point (second group of cones)
  6. At 7:00 pm Mr. Shanks will provide opening/welcome remarks
  7. At 7:05 pm the presentation of diplomas will begin:
    a. Families will be directed to drive forward by the class advisors (3rd/Final cone)
    b. Graduates only will exit the vehicle and proceed to the stage. They should exit on the driver’s side.
    c. Graduates will present their information card to Mr. Ragatz
         i. First name, Middle Name, Last Name
         ii. Future Plans: i.e. Attending MSU to pursue a career in Nuclear Rocket Science
    d. Graduates will proceed to the diploma table where they will be handed their diploma
    e. Graduates will proceed to the end of the stage where they will:
         i. Take a class flower to present to their parents
         ii. Pick-up a “goodie bag” of items put together by the class advisors
    f. Graduates will get back into their family vehicle and proceed to the parade route
    i. Fire trucks from Alden & Conger will be lined-up along the route
    g. The parade route ends at the Main Entrance of the school where a photographer will be stationed to
    take graduation pictures in front of the lighted school sign.
    h. Once the parade route is complete and photos are done, the ceremony is complete
    i. Graduates do not have to participate in the parade or take photos if they choose not to.
1. One vehicle per family
2. Power 96 FM out of Albert Lea will be broadcasting the ceremony live. Tune radios to FM 96.1
3. We will be live streaming the ceremony on Facebook Live. Please do not block the shot when your child is receiving their diploma. The camera will be set up on the raised platform/sidewalk next to Redeemer Lutheran Church.
4. You can appropriately decorate your vehicles so guests can see who is graduating on Facebook Live
5. The ceremony will be available to watch any time after the ceremony is complete by going onto the school’s Facebook site.
6. RAIN DATE & TIME: Saturday, June 6th at 1:00 pm. Line-up would begin at Noon
Follow the Green highlighted route on map and DRIVE CAREFULLY. Please remind family and friends to remain in their vehicles during the entire parade. It is required to follow the social distancing guidelines to safely have the parade.
1. After receiving diploma and returning to family vehicle, proceed South on Euclid Street
2. Turn right onto Main Street. A Fire Truck will be near the intersection of Broadway and Main Street
3. Proceed West on Main Street and turn right onto Mason Avenue. Another Fire Truck will be at the intersection of Main Street & Mason Avenue
4. Continue on North Mason Avenue where you pass another Fire Truck at the intersection of Mason Avenue and Scotte Lane.
5. Continue on Mason Avenue until you reach Highway 22 where there will be another Fire Truck.
6. Turn right onto Highway 22 and proceed to the school.
7. Once at the school the parade is complete

1. A photographer will be set-up in front of the school by the Main Entrance next to the lighted school sign
2. If you are interested in having pictures taken please follow proper social distancing guidelines if another family is already there having pictures taken
3. Pictures will be available to download at no cost to the graduates. You will be able to download as many photos onto as many devices as you choose. The photographer will provide directions on where to go and how to download the pictures. You will be responsible for printing the photographs and any costs associated with the printing.

1. When leaving Alden, you can either head out of town on Highway 22 toward Wells or proceed South on Broadway toward Interstate 90.
2. Be aware that there may still be classmates on the parade route when you get done so DRIVE CAREFULLY.