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Language Arts 7/8-2nd Hour Assignments

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Collaborative Creative Writing - Day 2 in Google Classroom

Collaborative Creative Writing - Day 2

Past Assignments


Collaborative Creative Writing in Google Classroom

Collaborative Creative Writing

The first day's will only need to be half as long, as we are going to be spending some time discussing this project. As such, this first one will only be worth 10pts instead of 20.


History Day Presentation in Google Classroom

History Day Presentation


History Paper - Final in Google Classroom

History Paper - Final


History Paper Rough Draft in Google Classroom

History Paper Rough Draft

Make sure your rough draft is formatted correctly (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced) You do not need a works cited page for your rough draft. This should be about 2 pages long.

Your rough draft should also include 4-8 in-text citations. This is when you are directly quoting what is written on your source. 


Outline - History Day Paper in Google Classroom

Outline - History Day Paper

Create a Google Doc and create an outline using the format provided.


Expository Paragraph Final Draft in Google Classroom

Expository Paragraph Final Draft

Please make sure your paragraph is:
-double spaced 
-12pts Times New Roman font
- Uses linking words


Persuasive Writing Final Draft in Google Classroom

Persuasive Writing Final Draft

Post your final draft here. Please make sure you have the following:

12 pt. Times New Roman font
Double Spaced
At least 11 sentences


Night Calories Assignment in Google Classroom

Night Calories Assignment

Create and attach a slideshow.


Book Report Timeline in Google Classroom

Book Report Timeline

Write a 4-6 sentence summary of each event. Add a relevant picture on the slide next to your summary.

On the timeline, write a small 4-6 WORD "tag" for each event to show where it falls in chronological order (you may delete the "year" part if it is not relevant to your book). 
Please check your slides for grammar, spelling, and punctuation before turning it in.


Lit Circle Slideshow in Google Classroom

Lit Circle Slideshow

Create and attach a Google Slide presentation to submit here. Only one member of your group will need to turn it in, but make sure all group members' names are on the first slide.


Animal Farm Propaganda  in Google Classroom

Animal Farm Propaganda


7 Habits Test in Google Classroom

7 Habits Test


"Another's Shoes" Essay

2 pages
12 pt. Times New Roman font

1. Describe what you decided to do and why
2. Tell me how it went - use specific details
3. What did you learn from the experience?


Quarter 1 Book Report in Google Classroom

Quarter 1 Book Report

Turn in here!


Interview Outline  in Google Classroom

Interview Outline

Use the information that you gathered during your interview and fill in this outline. Try to use complete sentences and direct quotes whenever possible. 

Make sure that your "hook" statement is interesting/fun - get your audience interested in learning more about your classmate. 


Family Interview Questions in Google Classroom

Family Interview Questions

Work together with a family member to come up with 15 open-ended questions for your interview. Remember to use questions like "who, what, where, when, why, and how." After you submit them to me, I will look them over and see if any of the questions might need to be adjusted. 

If you like, you may use the "story behind your name" idea as one of your interview questions.