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English 9-1st Hour Assignments

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Past Assignments


Collaborative Creative Writing in Google Classroom

Collaborative Creative Writing

The first day's will only need to be half as long, as we are going to be spending some time discussing this project. As such, this first one will only be worth 10pts instead of 20. 


History Paper Final in Google Classroom

History Paper Final

Turn in your final draft here!


History Paper Rough Draft in Google Classroom

History Paper Rough Draft

Make sure your rough draft is formatted correctly (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced) You do not need a works cited page for your rough draft. This should be about 2 pages long.

Your rough draft should also include 4-8 in-text citations. This is when you are directly quoting what is written on your source.


Huck Finn Personal Narrative in Google Classroom

Huck Finn Personal Narrative

Using the instructions provided to you in class, create a three paragraph (at least one page, double-spaced) personal narrative in which you relate Colonel Sherburn's speech to your own life experiences. Please include:

1. Your name, date, and class/teacher at the top
2. A title for your paper


"Allusions" Creative Writing 2


"Allusions" Creative Writing


Book Report Timeline in Google Classroom

Book Report Timeline

Write a 4-6 sentence summary of each event. Add a relevant picture on the slide next to your summary.

On the timeline, write a small 4-6 WORD "tag" for each event to show where it falls in chronological order (you may delete the "year" part if it is not relevant to your book). 
Please check your slides for grammar, spelling, and punctuation before turning it in.


Radio Drama Script in Google Classroom

Radio Drama Script

I have provided a radio drama script template, as well as an example for your benefit. 
In theory, each page of the script is about 45 seconds long. This means that your completed script should be around 4-8 pages long. 

Only one person in your group will need to turn this in on Google Classroom. Make sure that all group member names are listed. 


Shakespearean Insult Letter in Google Classroom

Shakespearean Insult Letter

Write a letter to a "pet peeve" that you have, using ten Shakespearean insult words. A "pet peeve" is an action or thing that irritates you - for example, getting stuck in traffic, someone clicking their pen during a test, loud noises when you're trying to sleep, etc. 

DO NOT address your letter to a person - even if it's your brother or sister or your best friend.

Create a separate Google Doc for your letter. It should be written in letter format, starting with "Dear __________________," and ending with "Sincerely, ___________________"

This should be AT LEAST half a page long. 


Style Poem in Google Classroom

Style Poem


Elements of Shakespeare - Tragedy in Google Classroom

Elements of Shakespeare - Tragedy

Use the link provided to help fill in the study guide.


Globe Theater Webquest in Google Classroom

Globe Theater Webquest


Introduction to Shakespeare in Google Classroom

Introduction to Shakespeare

Watch the video and answer the questions on the handout. 


Quarter 1 Book Report in Google Classroom

Quarter 1 Book Report

Turn in here!


Short Stories Unit Test in Google Classroom

Short Stories Unit Test

If there are stories that you missed because you were gone - you do NOT have to answer those questions! Write on your Unit Review that you were gone that day, and after I double check and confirm it, I will exempt you from those questions.


Compare/Contrast Paper in Google Classroom

Compare/Contrast Paper


Student Path Survey in Google Classroom

Student Path Survey

Login to the website and complete the survey that appears. Use your student email to login. If you need to create a new profile, please do so. If you forgot your password, take the necessary steps to retrieve it.